May 1, 2019



Heyo hi. Hey. I’m the human attempting to start a blog, the one that just assumed for a lot of years that no one reeeeeally cared about what I had to say.. so why blog? I already have an instagram where I tend to over rant about all my thoughts and feelings, but I realized I’m missing out on the opportunity to share more than just one or two or five photos from a session. I have these bomb amazing portrait sessions, collaborations with incredible humans, beautiful weddings and STUNNING workshops where I’m creating alllll of this imagery–imagery that just sits on a hard drive. In my kitchen. Sad, and unloved.

So here we are. My name is Lexi Bills.

I live way-the-butt out in Eagle Mountain Utah, but as I say that, we fully intend to stay out here for the rest of forever because we love it so much.

The ‘we’ I am referring to, is Caleb (the husband best friend dude that I have babies with) and two kiddos, Reagan (2.5) and Grayson (16 months). They are BABIES, still figuring out how to wipe their own butts and noses with constant need for love and attention…but they are also kind of the center of my universe.

About two ish years ago, I graduated with my Bachelors of Fine Art with an emphasis in Photography and Minor in Art History. I also spent a good 50% of my collegiate studies in painting classes, because although photography is my career, painting is my happy hobby soul food. It tends to bleed into my photo work as well, they’ve all just become one giant form of creation coming from my insides.

I could tell you allll about how I spent 4 (almost 5) years as a photo editor for a film processing company called theFINDlab , where I basically spent those four years studying color, because this was my LIFE. I ate sleep drank photos and film and color and and and.  My job specifically, was to make photos more of a finished product. I studied why photos look the way they look based on all the factors that go into making a photograph, especially but not limited to, film photographs.

I shoot film. AND digital. We here, call them Hybrid photographers. My aesthetic is to look like film, even when its not film. I have a whole separate post planned out on the ins and outs of film and why I shoot it, so I wont overwhelm you here.

Workshops and mentorships, years of rubbing shoulders with some really incredible photographers.. all of that is of worth, but what really truly makes me the lady who I am behind the camera is my obsession over humanity.

I. Love. Humans. I love our interactions with each other. I love watching what makes us feel. I love making work that makes you feel.


Moral of the story is, I want to put every human I know and dont know in front of my camera. I’m going to fill my whole life with this.







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